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A good way to choose a warehouse racks

Many people will ask, what should be the racks in the warehouse? A wide variety of materials and models make it difficult for the bosses who entered this trip to choose. Then, what should we pay attention to when analyzing the choice of racks?

1, the warehouse environment

Because the storage shelf basically uses the environment as a warehouse, the first factor to be considered is the physical environment of the warehouse, including the area of the warehouse; the physical environment of the warehouse; ventilation, lighting, ground loading, and fire protection; the direction in which the warehouse racks need to be placed and needs to be placed. The type, quantity, etc. of the goods;

2, the situation of the goods

Different goods need different kinds of racks, we need to consider the shape of the goods, the size of each cargo space (length, width, height), the weight of each location, whether it is conducive to the factors such as ordering;

3, the access method of the goods

The way in which the goods are placed on the racks is also a consideration of the choice of warehouse racks. Warehouse racks are racks that are accessed by manual methods. It is necessary to consider whether height is convenient for the operator to access, whether the weight of each unit can be easily transported, etc.; the goods are accessed through the handling equipment and need to be considered: whether the maximum lifting height of the carrying tool is The height of the top floor of the shelf can be raised, and the passage between the racks is satisfied with the operation of the carrying tool;

4, a variety of personalized factors

Some warehouse racks have some personal requirements, such as cold warehouse racks; need to avoid light and other factors, need special treatment, design according to requirements.