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Advantages of using Wire Container

The Wire Container is easy to operate, has a wide range of uses, and has a service life of up to ten years. The Wire Container is used to store the goods in uniform specifications, the capacity is fixed, the storage is clear at a glance, and it is easy to count. 

It can be transported by using various handling equipments. It can be stacked in four layers to realize three-dimensional storage; it can be folded and stored during storage in an empty Wire Container to save space. Easy to use, galvanized surface, resistant to corrosion in the factory and outdoor environment, long service life. It is welded by strong steel bars and the bottom is welded with U-shaped channel steel to make the structure stronger.

Matched with handling equipment, widely used in various logistics links such as transportation, handling, loading and unloading, storage, etc., to reduce costs and improve efficiency. The Wantong board or cardboard is placed in the warehouse cage to protect the items that are easily scratched.