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Common shopping basket classification

With the development of the times, people for the supermarket shopping basket also made more and more demanding. Supermarket customers shopping time has become a leisure time, so more and more value when shopping experience is comfortable, relaxed and happy. Production, Hongrun by virtue of the development of shopping basket experience and the supermarket industry shopping basket needs to understand, and actively seek innovative solutions. Through the long-term cooperation with the European large supermarket chain, has now successfully developed a variety of trolley supermarket basket. The introduction of Hongrun rod shopping basket will improve your shopping environment, enhance the customer's shopping experience, so as to attract customers, improve the purpose of supermarket sales.

Single Trolley Supermarket Shopping Cart:

The use of 100% new anti-impact modified PP material production, light weight, long life, the effective working temperature is -20 ℃ -65 ℃, with moisture, theft, durability, easy to clean and so on, the handle with PE material with strength High toughness, good rigidity, heat resistance, cold resistance, etc., but also has good resistance to environmental stress cracking, tear strength and other properties, and acid, alkali, organic solvents, rods for innovative aluminum design, solid and Beautiful.

Double Trolley Supermarket Shopping Cart:

Compared with the single rod, the capacity is bigger, the design is more reasonable, the tie rod adopts the double rod ABS + iron design, strengthens the basket

Body back bending and anti-cracking design, greatly improving the life of the basket.

Trailer supermarket shopping basket:

Compared with the drawbars, the capacity continues to increase, the bottom of the basket for the two directional wheels two caster, unique trailer design, more effort, can be a certain angle limit, to avoid bending up, high-capacity basket design , To improve the customer a single purchase volume.

Portable supermarket shopping basket:

Basket front LOGO bit design, can increase the brand effect of shopping malls.

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