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Display rack store put skills

Customers to the store is most concerned about the commodity, so a door will put their eyes on the display rack, if the display of goods is very rich, the customer a superb collection of beautiful things, the spirit will be lifted, have great enthusiasm. Invisibly, there will be a subconscious: there must be so many clothes here that are suitable for their own. So the confidence in shopping has increased, and the interest in shopping is rising. If the merchandise is sparse, and empty stores, customers can easily discouraged, he will feel difficult to dress so little, what good goods. Once you have this mentality, they will cause great resistance to pay consumption.

MT-SDR25.jpgTherefore, the first aspect of commodity display rack is to put the merchandise in a fullness. For example, a large number of display rack on the wall can be used to attract customers, and the wall is very spectacular. According to the color, the layout is designed. Bright colors match the bright concealed lighting in the warehouse, which makes people feel warm, and cool colors dimming the lighting. In contrast, it is mysterious, which makes people want to explore the truth.2.jpg

The impression of this type of display rack is that the display of the product is full and very orderly, and the display effect of the elaborate design of the layout gives us a beautiful enjoyment. The whole store has different styles, giving customers great choice. When customers enter shops, they feel that they can find their own products and enhance their desire to buy.

The display rack of goods of the United States, full products to attract the attention of customers, most want to know is how this is the quality of the goods, the appearance is beautiful, is suitable for a smart business, then in the display rack is always possible to fully display the beauty of goods, including internal beauty and external beauty. The so-called inner beauty is the quality of the goods. One example is the practice of a raincoat factory in Beijing. Engage in marketing activities in a shopping mall, the sales staff in front of the counter to the customer did not say what, but will wear the raincoat on a mannequin, top with shower kept pouring water, water droplets in the clothes is like rolling on the lotus leaf, doesn't touch the water, the effect of blocking the vivid display of the rain storm clothes, leads to great interest, promote sales. Quality is the lifeline of the image of the commodity. The display rack of good quality of goods by the display of goods is of great benefit to the establishment of a good image of the goods. To display the external beauty of goods is to beautify the goods on the counter shelves by various means, and to enhance the external beauty of goods, so as to stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

1.jpgIt can be seen that the display effect of clothing display rack is very important for clothing shops. If a high-grade garment is hung on a conventional hanger at random, its high-grade will not appear, and it will hardly arouse customers' interest. On the contrary, if he is put on the model and spotlights, then he can be decorated with other decorative materials. His elegant style and meticulous workmanship are very clear before the customers, so the customers are very easy to move.