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Efficient rust removal method for storage shelves

In general, everything will slowly undergo some chemical or physical changes over time, such as storage racks, especially steel shelves will rust after long-term application, and rust is a phenomenon caused by the oxidation of steel and belongs to a chemical reaction. This reaction can cause serious damage to the interior of the shelf. Therefore, to ensure the safety of the shelf, it is also essential to carry out necessary rust measures.


Three effective rust removal methods for storage shelves are:


1. The use of high pressure water jet impact (plus abrasive grinding) to destroy rust and coating adhesion to shelf steel. Its characteristics are no dust pollution, no damage to the shelf steel plate, greatly improve the efficiency of rust removal, up to 15m2/h above, good rust removal quality. However, after the rust-removing shelf steel plate is easy to return to rust, it must be coated with a special wet rust-removing paint, which has a great influence on the coating of general performance coatings.


2. It is possible to scrub the rusted part with hydrochloric acid, wash off the rust, and then use an antirust paint. It should be noted that do not soak rusted shelves in dilute hydrochloric acid for too long.


3. Chemical rust removal is mainly the use of acid and metal oxide chemical reaction, so as to remove the rust on the metal surface of the shelf material. This is what is commonly referred to as pickling and rust removal and can only be operated in the workshop.


The above are three kinds of effective rust removal methods applicable to storage shelves, hoping to help everyone clear rust on the shelves. Shelf rust removal can only play a certain degree of relief, it can not completely solve the problem of rusting the shelves, so it is recommended that we should be the main prevention. Must pay attention to the environment in the warehouse, not too humid, to maintain ventilation.