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Encyclopedia of clothing | clothing store window Mannequin display setup skills

The window is like the eye of the clothing store. Now the brand clothing focuses on the terminal sales, and strengthens the display and display of the terminal. The window design has become more and more important. Here are 2 --5 models placed in the window.1.jpg1.jpg

Trisection of ground space, the window is the distance from the glass to the background trisection, nearly before the glass for the "before", from background, as after "a", as the "median", in the middle of the below respectively before, during and after bits to illustrate 2-5 Mannequin of placement.

Two Mannequin put methods:

Two Mannequin of stance is simpler, with the "median" can, can also be a slight dislocation, before and after adding window space stereo feeling and the active feeling, that puts this way common to all kinds of two Mannequin is put inside a small window.

three Mannequin put methods:

Three Mannequin can be divided into two groups, display in the form of 1 + 2, the location of the model are respectively the median, before and after, the chassis is triangular arrangement, in this case, the side can be equipped with the weight of the props to balance both sides.

Of course, there are three stand die, after the first two forms. These forms are often used to the leisure brand three stand die situation, although slightly dull, but convenient execution and replication.

Four Mannequin put method:

Is a group with four Mannequin, respectively, before and after the median, and the formation of "N" glyph or mirror N glyph, adjacent to the three Mannequin of chassis still triangular arrangement.

Four models can also be divided into two groups, in the form of 1 + 3, props and its combination by the side of the single Mannequin.

Four Mannequin can also be two stand die before, and the two standing behind on both sides respectively, are arranged isosceles trapezoid, this way is also common in casual clothing display.


Five Mannequin put methods:

Five Mannequin can also do a group, the median, before and after a former, and the median, adjacent to the three Mannequin of chassis is triangular arrangement.

Five Mannequin can be divided into two groups, in the form of 3 + 2, median, before and after a former, and the median, adjacent to the three Mannequin of chassis is triangular arrangement.

Whether it's Mannequin number is three, four or five, including adjacent base triangular arrangement of the three models, with the level of before, during and after, we'll call this approach "triangle" stance.

Most of the shop window model is fit for the "triangle" stance, if the Mannequin without grouping, the staggered "after the former" to line up, and as a Mannequin for distribution in the two groups, such as 2 + 1 or 3 + 1, will appear weight imbalance. Next to the separate Mannequin props are needed to balance the weight of the window at both ends of proportion, and in the absence of props, grouping, try not to.

There is also a Mannequin base plate, platform design problems, present situation of circular plate, keep good and side plate is askew would happen sometimes, because of our common Mannequin base plate is not very stealth (some brands have no model base plate), and multiple Mannequin in different degree of skew make it not very beautiful, we can place all parallel to the chassis, such as all are also can be put or all inclined put, this does not affect the Mannequin's head, because the Mannequin can be rotating.