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Heavy shelf warehouse design specification

In the design process, the warehouse should pay attention to the maximum utilization of the shelf placement, and it is suitable for handling and easy to store. The general storage equipment is selected from the perspective of economy and efficiency, taking into account various factors to determine the most suitable equipment. Type.

1. Characteristics of goods

Its main characteristics are: the size of the goods, the weight of the goods, the storage number of the goods and the storage unit of the goods. The shape and size of the stored items are directly related to the selection of the rack specifications. The weight of the stored items directly affects the strength of the rack. The units to be stored are stored in which units, and the pallets/containers or items have different types of racks. In addition, the estimated total number of storage digits must take into account the company's growth needs in the next two years.

2. Access characteristics

The main access features are: storage density, FIFO, and storage management. General accessibility and storage density are relative. That is to say, in order to obtain a higher storage density, it is necessary to sacrifice the accessibility of the article. Although some types of racks can obtain better storage density, their storage management is more complicated, and it is often impossible to control the FIFO. Only the three-dimensional automatic warehouse can be developed, the accessibility and storage density are excellent, but the relative investment cost is relatively expensive. Therefore, what type of storage device is chosen is a compromise between various factors and a strategy application.

3. Inbound and outbound volume

The number of access must be: first in first out, access frequency and number of accesses. Most types of racks have a good storage density, but the amount of inbound and outbound storage is not high, suitable for low frequency operations. The high volume of inbound and outbound storage is very important data, which is a consideration for the choice of storage equipment type.

4. Handling equipment

Handling equipment mainly includes: counterweight, straddle, channel width, lift height, lift weight and radius of rotation. The access operation of the storage device is done by the handling device. Therefore, the selection of storage equipment requires consideration of handling equipment. The stacker is a general-purpose handling device, and the channel width of the rack directly affects the selection type of the stacker, which is a counterweight or a narrow channel.

5. Warehouse architecture

The warehouse structure mainly includes: available height, beam and column position, floor conditions and fire protection facilities. The choice of storage equipment must take into account the effective height under the beam to determine the height of the rack. The position of the beam and column will affect the configuration of the rack. The strength of the floor and the flatness of the floor are also related to the design and installation of the rack. In addition, the installation location of fire protection facilities and lighting facilities should be considered to facilitate warehouse design.