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How do you protect your Mannequins

1, The use process must be careful to protect, when assembling or splitting Mannequins, Mannequins component as far as possible on soft objects, to avoid too hard to touch or scratch the model. In particular, the angle at the junction of the Mannequins components is the most likely to collapse and create a gap.

2, Shopping malls put Mannequins, as far as possible on the edge(that is, places that are not easy to be knocked down or stumbled by customers), because Mannequin is a fragile product, if it falls down, the attachment of each interface is most easily opened to make it impossible for the model to be used.

3, Mannequins try not to put in the sun directly or too strong light places, often irradiation, the paint on the surface of the model will change color.

4.When you accidentally stain the Mannequins, you can clean it by the following methods: The surface of Mannequins is white paint. If it is a white Mannequin that has just been used, it can be gently rubbed with a clean wet cloth or eraser. When using eraser, pay attention to gently rubbing. Otherwise, the part you wipe will be much brighter than other places. If it is used for a long time, a clean wet cloth can be added with a little detergent for cleaning, because the White Mannequins that have been used for too long will have some yellowing. When the Mannequins surface is other paint, the most common is the use of rubber and detergent. However, there are also some stubborn can not be eliminated. At this time, you can consider using universal water for cleaning. Note the concentration of universal water. If it is too strong, you must add water for dilution and then clean it up. Don't wash the paint off!