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How does the supermarket fruit rack be placed for sale?

Supermarket fruit racks are used in all walks of life, but you have not found, selling a good refrigerator manufacturers supermarkets, convenience store supermarkets are placed on the fruit rack have to pay attention to. Some customers will ask, supermarket fruit rack is used to cold storage, fresh food, and what is the relationship between sales? How is it not the same?

In fact, a lot of things are winning depends on the details of the. So no small look at the display of the supermarket fruit, the following give you explain why the put. Supermarket fruit rack in addition to frozen food, you can also show the food to the customer, high-level goods if the effective display can cause the customer's desire to buy, may be on this desire to buy this product. But good merchandise display is to follow some basic principles. And it has a lot of factors.

The sale of goods will help the sale of goods store; a good sales place competitive strong; we must grasp this will be able to increase sales; to promptly remind the supplier of goods placed on the sale of goods Vibrant help to minimize unnecessary losses. So the supermarket fruit rack to be placed in a prominent position, so that customers easy to find and find.

Followed by the supermarket fruit shelves placed in the food, customers in the purchase time, habitual look at the price, so the price must be very eye-catching, clear. The size of the number will also affect the customer's attraction, directly marked with great special letters will be better. And in the supermarket fruit rack price is customer-oriented, to fully demonstrate the accumulation of goods to highlight the momentum, paste the exact price, date manufacturers and other labels. Placed so that customers pick up convenience, giving a commodity is a good sign of selling goods and other brands of goods must be separated to adjust the entire display space, the use of advertising to attract the attention of customers.

Supermarket fruit racks of goods placed to allow customers to pick up the convenience of sales is also a large expression, to be able to allow customers in different angles can get different positions of goods, to pay attention to the brand of different goods mixed, Give people a bad feeling, those advertising advertisements do not posted on the goods, posted will give people a sense of resentment. In addition to these, there are a lot, see it, the supermarket is placed in the fruit rack is not very knowledgeable? You can also try to see the effect of it