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How to care for wooden clothes rack


The coefficient of expansion of wood products will be more apparent at high temperatures, and you can prevent it from “heat stroke” by performing some simple maintenance on the wooden clothes rack. For example, use protective wax or a special detergent evenly coated on the surface of the wooden clothes rack, and then gently wipe it to keep it shiny and moisture-proof, and in hot weather, try not to clean it directly with a rag with water. In addition, we must remove the surrounding moisture in time, and often ventilate and ventilate.

1. Do not perform maintenance in the sun or rainy days.

2. A reasonable absorption process is given to the wood clothes rack during the curing process.

3. If you find that there is a local crack or crack, you can use a small tool to squeeze the maintenance product into the crack to avoid further expansion.

4. Always keep the wooden clothes rack clean. Don't let dirt accumulate on the surface of the wooden clothes rack for a long time. This will cause dirt to form and the dirt will not clear.

5. Be careful not to rub the surface of the wooden clothes rack without hard stuff.


The following are the cautions for waxing the wooden clothes rack:

1, can not be mixed with other paints or coatings;

2. Grind the surface to smooth, clean and no dust before painting;

3, wet and rainy weather should not be waxing;