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How to choose warehouse trolley

According to the number of wheels and the way of installation,  the warehouse trolleys are divided into three wheels and four wheels.

Warehouse trolleys with different uses have different body structures. Most common four-wheeler warehouse trolleys have a cargo platform. The dedicated warehouse trolley has a variety of structures, some of which extend out of the brackets to facilitate the placement of rods, shafts, and tubes; others are box-type, suitable for carrying lightweight and easy-to-unload items; and some are designed for easy loading and unloading. In barrels of liquids, paper rolls, etc., there are two low-profile bevels formed on the car body to facilitate the rolling up and down of the cylinders, such as the barrel-type cargo loader; some bodies are completely shaped with cargo. Anastomosis; some compact, can be folded, easy to carry. Modern warehouse trolleys are equipped with rolling bearings, pneumatic tires for wheels or solid tires.

Usually, a three-wheeler warehouse trolley will have a universal wheel, and the four-wheeler warehouse trolley will have two swivel castors that can pivot around the vertical axis. The movable caster can automatically adjust to the direction with the smallest running resistance as the direction of movement of the warehouse trolley changes during operation.

The application of warehouse trolley in the world is very extensive. Africa for mining, Europe and 

North America for gardening. Most parts of the world are used for storage.