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How to effectively prevent deformation and collapse of warehouse shelves

How to effectively prevent the deformation and collapse of the warehouse shelves, many people on the warehouse shelves will complain that the warehouse shelves are easy to damage deformation and collapse.

1. Reasonable selection of structural forms, construction measures and materials, to achieve advanced technology, economical, safe and applicable, to ensure quality.

2. Dimensional tolerances, deformations and clearances of warehouse shelves shall comply with relevant standards.

3. Have a strict design procedure, must comply with the relevant standards, must have a calculation book. For major projects, finite element calculation must be carried out to combine the strength, stiffness and stability of warehouse storage shelves, and comprehensively assess the safety under earthquake action.

4. The data used in the calculation must be valid or experimental. The test shall be reported, and the test equipment shall be qualified and qualified by the qualified metrological department recognized by the state.

5. For beam-type warehouse shelves, to ensure the joint of the beam with its locking device (or screw and nut), the normal operation of the beam lock or the tightening of the screw and nut should be checked regularly during use, and the damaged device should be replaced in time.

6. The warehouse shelf column legs should be properly fixed on the concrete foundation.

7. The settlement value of the warehouse shelf storage warehouse shelf foundation should be strictly controlled to ensure the normal use of the shelf structure.