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How to identify if the rack is good or bad

How to identify the quality of the rack is a very important part of the industry. The rack of an industry directly affects the benefits of the industry. How to identify the quality of the rack?

The identification of heavy-duty racks can be considered in the following three aspects:

1. The material of the rack: the material of the rack should be the best in the SS400 steel of Baogang original factory and Shanggang No. 1 factory. There seems to be no strict and complete set of rack industry standards in China, and there are few examples of European FEM rack standards.

2. The structure of the rack: The rack column should see if the bending of the section is multi-uniform and uniform, and the structure with more uniform symmetry is better. The beam of the rack depends on the hook structure of the beam and the form of the beam hanging to the column: the hook of the beam should be better, and the more the force is better; the hook of the beam should be attached to the column to see if the contact between the hook and the column is closely aligned. The inner side of the hook should be tightly spaced from the side of the column so that the structure can be stabilized and the force is good and durable.

3. Surface treatment of the rack: The surface of the rack should be sprayed uniformly and have strong adhesion. Whether the surface of the rack is sprayed evenly depends on whether there is any omission in the inner edge of the rack column hole. If it is checked, it can be tapped with a hard object. If it falls off easily, it indicates that the rack is easily rusted.

4. Welding process: This is the best identification.