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How to maintain and repair the shopping trolley

The service life of a shopping trolley is usually 3-5 years. The correct use of the shopping trolley and the timely maintenance of the shopping trolley can prolong its service life. Generally, please pay attention to the following points in the process of using them.

1, the prohibition of overloading;

2, whether the ground conditions are allowed to use (for example: cement, floor, paint, this        is to pay attention to the choice of suitable wheels);

3. Loading the goods correctly;

This is a key role in maintaining the lifespan of the shopping trolley. Do not wait for the shopping trolley to fail then think of maintenance . The maintenance cost is high at that time.  The maintenance handcart is a guarantee of efficient and safe work, because the maintenance can make the shopping trolley at the best state.

First, how long is the shopping trolley maintained? This is very important, in the case of standard operation, good maintenance and maintenance is necessary, maintenance time can be once every three months.Regular maintenance is a powerful guarantee for the safe and efficient operation of the shopping trolley.
Second, in the preventive maintenance plan, we must never forget the cleaning of the shopping trolley.

Third, pay attention to the surface damage of shopping trolleys, regular maintenance.
Developing a good maintenance plan for shopping trolleys can reduce your usual cost a lot.