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Inside the supermarket trolley: the number determines the quality of Carrefour, WAL-MART large capacity

People have often talked about a word, "experiential consumption", whether or not to choose a business to spend money, in addition to goods, prices of these basic factors, while shopping environment, services can win the hearts of consumers?

The wheelbarrow is love shopping in the supermarket consumer often contact items, but also pay attention to whether or not they considered the supermarket "experiential consumption" is an important part. "Some supermarket trolleys are old and dirty, the shopping environment is often similar, so I could see the details on the business concept of service consumers." Liu said.

This time, the times focus on such a small detail

Site: quantity determines service quality

We visited many supermarkets and found that trolleys only appeared in large supermarkets, and the specifications and quantity of each family were also different

The new century (thematic reading) Nanping District five stores, the flow of people is not too much, there are 9 handcart entrance, plus some shoppers are using a total of about more than 30 units; the new century Daping are being used in the supermarket, in addition, placed in front of more than 20 units have five store supermarket; Yong Hui Branch 5 pm peak sales, but only a few carts at the entrance station, walked into the store, the hands of a lot of people have pushed the car, she also has more than 50 units of crude;

Nanping Carrefour (thematic reading) the number of Shanghai City store carts relatively amazing, the entrance has long 7 rows of cars, more than 200 units. WAL-MART Hongsheng road and Carrefour almost.

The cart is not enough, really inconvenient. "Home Nanping Ms. Zhu said a supermarket popular she used to go well, things are good, but there is no peak of carts, buy more things and not mention basket of light," only in the cashier to be checked out to push it away. "So when opened a nearby goods price almost," with more complete "supermarket," she will be another woman. "

"How much trolley impact?" we all think in a dozen different consumer supermarket survey, although this is not the most important factor, but it can be seen that the merchant service concept in detail. "The supermarket open more and more goods, the price gap is more and more small, we can only fight." a consumer said, this is may face similar choice about his decision.

Carts are the things that consumers often want to contact when shopping in supermarkets, and also an important part of whether they pay attention to "experiential consumption" in supermarkets

Business: not only the quantity should be enough, but also convenient to use

The supermarket trolley set is mainly to see the number of several aspects, one is the shop area, the two is the analysis of the first passenger flow, three is the single consumption level. "Yonghui supermarket responsible person, Yonghui is district shop cart more community store less.
Re Ke Long Acting Manager also expressed similar views. According to the weight of about 40~50 square meters of shops with shopping cart a proportion, according to the size of a cart shop are generally equipped with 20~50. For example, to trolley to 50 stores, to 2000 square meters or more.

Area at ten thousand square metres or more in Carrefour, WAL-MART, Metro and other large supermarket trolleys, naturally more. Carrefour media manager Xiang Fang introduced to Carrefour Shanghai Nanping City store as an example, equipped with 500 carts and 600 shopping basket. The WAL-MART store is about 700 carts, an average of about 20 square meters with a Taiwan.

The new century Chongbai supermarket attaches great importance to the cart, hand basket at hand, the new century Chongbai supermarket division responsible person, they shall, in the supermarket at the entrance, placed in sufficient quantity to the normal use of the shopping basket cart, in addition, according to the supermarket business area, but also in the store to see customers, goods high frequency of purchase, heavier goods area, set some place, such as 1000 square meters should not be less than 3, more than 4000 square meters should not be less than 12

The bigger the cart, the better

In addition to the number, we found that the supermarket is not a cart specification, the new century Chongbai, Yonghui, heavy cart size Ke Long is similar, is compact and lightweight type. Heavy long generation manager, they are equipped with a smaller size (about 40~50 cm wide, 1 meters long 1, 40 centimeters deep), metal cart weight light, and even part of the basket cart (trolley frame, hand basket can be placed).

Carrefour and WAL-MART carts need a big circle, and the capacity is about 125 liters, so it is much heavier to push

But there is no uniform preference for the size of the customer's cart
"At ordinary times, little shopping, a lot of things to buy, of course, the cart is much better." Mr. Zeng, who bought goods in WAL-MART, said that his cart was stacked with hill like rolls of paper, washing liquid, mops and other articles for daily use
Some people often go shopping, especially the older customers do not catch the big cart, "can not buy so many things, the big car pushed up difficult."

The supermarket, cart size according to customer selection decision. As the actual use of WAL-MART, the Carrefour stores, shopping area is relatively large, what category, many customers are buying a car, for a period of time living supplies, so the trolley with must be big enough and strong enough.

The rest of the supermarket, especially community store, area of a relatively small number of customers, high frequency, small carts have enough. The person in charge of the design and Yonghui said, the store, the display is also a relationship.

Heavy shopping cart generation manager said, for example, to two cars to pass between the shelves, you should push that cashier. Therefore, for a relatively compact shop, with a large cart is not suitable.

Some stroller children can't sit

From the supermarket we looked at, the cleaning of the cart was basically good, and no customers could not use it

These businesses have said that the supermarket weekly opponent cart for a comprehensive cleaning, there is serious dirt, it will immediately clean, as far as possible to ensure no stains, water stains, no debris, customers can use normally

We noticed that there were a lot of shoppers with kids in the supermarket, pushing the kids in a cart, especially in Carrefour, Shanghai, in the same area, 4 of these cases, two of them aged at least 5 years old, and standing in the car

"Our carts are bigger and allow children to be in the car under certain conditions, but a lot of customers are obviously out of these conditions," said Carrefour's head

In the Carrefour cart, we can see the obvious text and graphics tips, "no standing in the car", "can only carry a child less than one year and a half, height is not higher than 1 meters of children" and so on

WAL-MART has a baby cradle cart with safety belt, and the new century, the heavy use of a small cart shopping, Yonghui supermarket, the child is prohibited in the cart, afraid of parents once the eyes away from the children, the child will fall out from the car were injured.

But there are still many customers do not listen to "hello". In addition, there are a small number of customers when playing skateboard cart in the supermarket, random hand cart, blocking other customer contacts, push the car outside the supermarket or the cart down the stairs. Businesses hope that, in order to facilitate everyone, to minimize such uncivilized behavior.