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Introduction to the basic knowledge of supermarket shopping basket

A fixed shopping basket is a fixed, non folding basket. Often appear in the large supermarket, mostly plastic and stainless steel wire material, heavy bearing.

Supermarket shopping basket, English Name: shopping baskets

The shopping basket can be divided into a fixed shopping basket and a foldable shopping basket.

The foldable shopping basket is a new shopping basket designed to save space and carry convenient and convenient design. More suitable for the family, for shopping, selling vegetables and other small goods transportation and storage.

Foldable shopping basket materials are mostly waterproof cloth and metal hollow tubes.

The conventional waterproof cloth is Oxford cloth, which is wear-resistant and easy to scrub.

The metal hollow tube is usually aluminum tube and iron pipe with light quality and easy to carry.

The free provision of cancellation encourages more consumers to buy home shopping baskets. And foldable shopping basket is the first choice. At present, some enterprises in China have begun to produce foldable shopping basket from production fixed shopping basket. The folding shopping basket is rising from abroad, and is transferred to China by the order of China's foreign trade production enterprises. Most of the enterprises are concentrated in foreign trade enterprises, and many of them are in Yiwu, Zhejiang.

With the development of the times, people have put forward more and more demands on the supermarket shopping basket. The shopping time of the supermarket customers has become a leisure time, so it is becoming more and more important to see if the experience of the shopping is comfortable, easy and pleasant. With the development of production, Hongrun shopping basket experience and the supermarket shopping basket industry needs understanding, actively seek innovative solutions. Through long-term cooperation with large European supermarket chains, a number of pull rod supermarket baskets have been developed successfully. The introduction of Hongrun rod shopping basket will improve your shopping environment, enhance the customer shopping experience, to attract customers, improve the supermarket sales objective.

Single rod supermarket shopping basket:

The basket with 100% new impact modified PP material production, light weight, long service life, effective working temperature is -20 DEG -65 DEG, has the characteristics of moisture, security, durability, easy cleaning, the handle is made of PE material with high strength and good toughness, strong rigidity, heat resistance, cold resistance and other advantages, but also has a good the resistance to environmental stress cracking resistance, tear strength and other properties, and acid and alkali, organic solvents, Aluminum Alloy rod for innovative design, strong and beautiful.

Double pull rod supermarket shopping basket:

Compared with the single pull rod, the capacity is bigger and the design is more reasonable. The pull rod is designed by the double pull rod ABS+ iron, and the basket is strengthened.

The anti bending and anti cracking design of the back of the body has greatly improved the service life of the basket.

Mop supermarket shopping basket:

Compared with the rod basket, the capacity continues to increase. The bottom of the basket is two directional wheels and two universal wheels. The unique drag rod design is more labor-saving, it can be limited at a certain angle, avoid bending and picking up, and the large capacity basket design improves the customer's single shopping volume.

Handheld supermarket shopping basket:

The front of the basket has LOGO - bit design, which can increase the brand effect of the shopping mall.

Now as long as there are shopping baskets in large supermarkets, the first shopping basket can be very convenient to classify the customers. The shopping basket is also divided into many kinds of shopping basket with hand-held shopping basket, single hand pull rod, and so on.

The above is the most common shopping basket. The shopping basket is hand held, and can be placed with some relatively small and fragmented products. It can solve some customers when they buy goods, they can be grouped together and finally settle accounts together. This shopping basket is made of plastic, and it is easier to clean. It only carries the weight bearing capacity. It can only withstand the load and classification of small commodities.

The above is the basic knowledge of the supermarket shopping basket, I hope to help you.