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Key factors affecting the safety of warehouse shelves

For the safety of warehouse racks, if there is a safety problem in the warehouse racks, the shelves will collapse, and the warehouse workers who are injured and turnover work will be quite serious. As a professional Suzhou warehouse rack manufacturer, Yihao Metal will analyze the key elements of Suzhou warehouse rack safety from the aspects of design, manufacture, installation and use of warehouse racks.

First, the design of the warehouse rack in the early stage

The design of the warehouse racks is rigorous and reasonable, and can be used to coordinate the use of various aspects, which is related to the safe use of warehouse racks. In the design process, the main factors affecting the safety of the late warehouse racks are:

(1) Fully evaluate the requirements of the storage rack itself in terms of strength, rigidity and stability;

(2) Full consideration of the height and width of the warehouse racks and the connection and stability of the warehouse building;

(3) Full consideration of the impact of the physical and chemical characteristics of the goods stored on the warehouse racks on the warehouse racks.

Second, the manufacturing process of warehouse racks

The main factors in the manufacturing process that affect the safety of warehouse racks are:

(1) If the material specifications of the warehouse racks are inconsistent with the design, it will lead to weakening of the structural capability, resulting in potential safety hazards;

(2) The processing of the warehouse racks of the warehouse racks is insufficient, and the paint peels off, and the internal structure is affected by the weight;

(3) The accuracy and details of the manufacturing warehouse racks are not in place, resulting in insufficient tightness of the shelves and other links of each group, which is prone to security problems.

Third, the installation and use of warehouse racks

The general structure of the warehouse racks is relatively large, and there are many connection problems in each part, which requires professional storage rack installation personnel to install. If the warehouse racks are not well installed, it is prone to conditions. If the verticality of the column is insufficient and the angle is not enough when installing the warehouse rack, the poor handling will adversely affect the overall warehouse rack. Also, the installation of the safety accessories required on the warehouse rack is not standardized or the position is incorrect, and will be weakened. The role of protection is not good for safety.