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Key points of Storage Rack design


Storage Rack materials and containers for loading materials. The dimension demand of the Storage Rack is related to the bearing material or container, and the size can be made. But it is best to shelf supplier to give the size of the initiative, it is relative professional.

Storage Rack loading and unloading equipment. At present, whether there are Storage Rack stacking equipment, suppose that there are many factors such as reverse radius of equipment, equipment width and so on.

The warehouse is loaded on the ground, and this load-bearing figure needs to be obtained from the contractor. Especially heavy shelves should be paid attention to.

The way to store the goods and the time of storage. The warehouse can have various kinds of materials that have different storage time. This needs to think about the way of entering and leaving the warehouse or the way of storage to find the way to put the Storage Rack  that is really suitable and can reach the higher space application rate.