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The difference between a metal warehouse shelf and a wooden shelf

The features of the metal warehouse shelf:
The cold-rolled steel plate is formed by four sides bending according to the required size. The column manufactured by Zhongtian shelf factory is connected to and fixed with the steel laminates through the fastener pin and the triangular fixed piece.
After processing the parts of the shelves, all the products are finished by grinding, acid washing, phosphating, automatic powder electrostatic spraying, drying and so on.
The surface of the finished product is smooth and beautiful, the laminates can be adjusted up and down and easy to disassemble and disassemble.
Wood shelf characteristics:
1., beautiful and generous, solid structure and various specifications. Zhongtian shelf factory has the style of the times, and the supermarket shelves are single and double sided shelves. They can be combined with each other. The single shelf can be combined with the corners. The two sides can be combined with the semicircle. The spacing between layers can be adjusted arbitrarily, so it looks expensive and generous.
2. luxurious appearance, elegant color, integrated with the modern market environment, to create a new concept of business;
3., the surface is treated with epoxy resin electrostatic spray. There are many colors in Shenzhen shelf, and it has strong anti-corrosion and anti rust effect. High density storage is advanced. After that, part of the goods are picked up by single pick, 20%-30% is optional, the speed of picking up is general, and storage clearance is up to 60%. of the whole warehouse.
flow rack
The ideal choice for storing goods with high density and high efficiency is free access design, extremely high inventory turnover rate, single pick up, quick pickup and good land utilization, and storage space net space station warehouse 60%..
Attic shelves
The attic rack is built on the shelf with floor support. It can be designed into multi-storey floors (usually 2-3 floors), with staircases and cargo lifts, etc., which is suitable for high storages, light and small goods, manual access and large storage capacity. It uses elevators and hydraulic lifting platforms.
The cantilever rack
It is suitable for the storage of long and irregular objects, such as pipes and steel plates.
Electronic control mobile shelf
Each group of shelves can be driven by electric (Mechanical) drive alone, and can be used to solve 6,8,10 group or more shelf operations with a single channel. Pressing buttons can drive shelves and open the required passages.
The conventional pallet rack, also called rack beams or rack; plug type combination assembly type structure, Shenzhen plant shelves column by imported rolling mill cold rolling continuous punching process, column pieces assembled between the beam and the column plug connection, and is equipped with a self-locking spring type safety pin strong the use of forklift operation and ensure the shelf in the process of beam and column connection reliability and shelf height of each 75mm no danger of anything going wrong; pitch adjustable shelf unit, each layer loads up to 4000 kg; above the goods placed in the tray by forklift access operation, convenient storage and flexible, configurable forward type battery forklift, balance heavy forklift, forklift and ordinary stacker handling access equipment.