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Supermarket trolley media advertising

Advertising has become an important means of enterprise competition, product sales and corporate image. Now, there are many forms of advertising. What form of advertising is the most effective? Enterprises often have no choice. How to choose a suitable media as an enterprise and product promotion position is undoubtedly an important issue for enterprises.

Shopping cart media introduction

The biggest breakthrough of shopping cart advertising is to really achieve zero distance between products and consumers, and perfect docking with product advertisements in the sales area.

1, directly facing the end customer group

The supermarket has taken full consideration of the purchasing power of the people in the environment, so the audience of the shopping cart is mostly the class with a certain economic income, and has a strong consumption ability.

2. High rate of attention

Supermarkets have large traffic volume, especially holidays and weekends, so that the size of such audiences is unmatched by any media at present. Shopping cart is an indispensable tool for shopping. The high utilization rate of shopping cart plays a very important role in enhancing advertising effectiveness. As long as they are in the supermarket, there will be this new shopping cart ad, which has repeatedly entered the shoppers' vision and impressed them. Once the enterprise takes advantage of this advantage advertising media, its advertising communication effect is self-evident.


3, prominent visual effects

Shopping cart body color harmony, image unification, it forced the supermarket crowd to accept advertising information, and ultimately make the target audience effective memory. At the same time, there are 3 Advertising faces, the multi view, the full range of advertising information, the dissemination of a standard, and the needs of customer product propaganda, vivid and novel publicity will make the transmission more impact, so that it brings a strong visual shock and profound impression to the target audience.

4. Ultra strong liquidity

Other advertising media in supermarkets are usually fixed. Due to location factors, not everyone who is in or out of the supermarket can see. Shopping cart is distributed inside and outside the supermarket, including parking lots, covering 100% of the past target population. In some television media reports, it is very easy to photograph the ubiquitous supermarket shopping cart, and the customer's product image can also be transferred to thousands of families. In the supermarket, the mobility of the personnel is very strong, they unintentionally bring the image of enterprises and products to the whole province and even the whole country, for the follow-up development and influence of the enterprise to promote the role of boosting the flames. Shopping cart is called "mobile media and sports advertisement" by image.

5, flexible advertising release

The customers can choose the scope and area according to the demand to ensure the flexibility of the delivery. At the same time, we can update the advertisement according to the customer's request to ensure the timeliness and effectiveness of the advertisement release.

6, the input of advertising is low and the effect is obvious

The supermarket business time is from 8 to 10 o'clock in the morning, as the medium and high end audience, which is all weather and will not be turned off, and will not be closed. The shopping cart network can guarantee the brand to release the advertisement information at the lower cost and maximally in the supermarket. It is the best choice of outdoor media for the advertiser. The effect of the supermarket shopping cart is better than the newspaper advertisement or the outdoor advertisement. The advertising fee for one year is not yet available to the half - edition of the newspaper for one day and half a month.