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Novice operating convenience store : 4 secrets that must be known when purchasing store shelves!

For those who want to open a convenience store, the first question before them is how to judge whether the shelf is good or bad when purchasing convenience store shelves. How can one really buy high-quality shelves that match their minds? If you are facing such a problem, then let us talk to you.

We should consider the following four points when purchasing convenience store shelves:

1, the thickness of the shelf material

Different shelf manufacturers use different materials to make shelves. This directly affects the thickness of shelves, backplanes, and columns, which directly affects the load-bearing nature of shelves.

Load bearing is very important for the shelf. Its importance is reflected not only in the service life but also in the safety of the shelves. It is a point to be considered when purchasing a shelf.

2, shelf welding quality

Because the location of the welding is usually not particularly conspicuous, the quality of the welding is actually very easy to ignore. The quality of the shelf welding affects the stability and safety of the shelf. When the shelf is purchased, it should be carefully checked whether the position of the shelf welding has any occurrences such as missed welding or imaginary welding, so as to fundamentally avoid the shelves caused by these problems. Damage or even safety hazards caused by collapse.

3, the processing of the shelf appearance

The appearance of the shelf is the most intuitive display, but it is prone to flaws without careful inspection. When checking the appearance of the shelves, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the spray thickness is up to the standard. According to international standards, the spray thickness should be more than 60μ, otherwise it will affect the adhesion and cause the spray to fall off easily. In addition to the thickness of the spray, it is also necessary to check whether the sprayed part has leaks, blisters, and orange peel.

4, the quality of the overall device

The quality of the overall installation includes whether rack straightness errors, diagonal errors, etc. meet the specifications, and it is necessary to ensure that every detail can be handled to the corresponding standard, because any mistake in one place can cause immeasurable loss.