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Pay attention to the purchase of storage equipment

When you buy something, you have to buy what you can use, storage equipment, suitable for your own, rather than casual purchase, the best for your own. So what do we need to pay attention to when we choose storage equipment?

When purchasing warehouse racks, the following points need to be considered: the color, shape, size, size, and thickness of the materials.

First choose the color, the color is divided into: white, blue, white, orange, black, military green. Colors can be chosen according to personal preference.

The shape of the warehouse rack has a stepped shape, a rectangular parallelepiped shape, a square shape, and a loft shape which are selected according to the goods to be placed. For example: "The size of the goods we put is relatively small, and the weight is lighter. We recommend that you choose angle steel shelves." Otherwise, use medium-sized warehouse racks. If you use a stacker or forklift, choose heavy-duty warehouse racks. In short, when you choose the warehouse racks, you should choose the goods according to the goods. Warehousing equipment.

The choice of warehouse rack material thickness should be selected according to the weight of the goods. Mainly choose the thickness of the beam, the thickness of the beam is proportional to the weight of the goods you put.

In short, when we choose warehouse racks, we must consider many factors, adapt to local conditions, and suit the goods.