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Setting up the cleaning standard for shopping baskets and shopping trolleys

According to the information, we found that the cleaning standard of each supermarket is different. Is there any relevant cleaning standard for shopping baskets and shopping trolleys? At present, there are no special regulations in the country that specify how often shopping baskets and shopping trolleys should be cleaned, and how to clean them. In the daily supervision of supermarkets by the industrial and commercial departments, there is less supervision of shopping baskets and shopping trolley.

Supermarkets have large passenger flow and poor air mobility. Supermarket temperatures and humidity are conducive to bacterial survival and reproduction. The use of high-frequency shopping baskets and shopping trolleys can easily provide conditions for the breeding of pathogenic microorganisms.


People's demand for shopping environment is getting higher and higher. Cleaning is an important part of mall management. The sanitary condition of the shopping mall directly affects the shopping environment. Therefore, according to the business hours and customer needs, the shopping mall should formulate a professional cleaning standard for shopping baskets and shopping trolleys.

Large supermarket, there are numbers of shopping baskets and shopping trolleys, you can give these to the outsourcing company to clean. Small supermarket, you can handle yourself, wash shopping baskets and shopping trolleys.first with detergent, then with disinfection water wipe, and finally with water rinsing. You have to make sure you clean it twice a month. Summer is coming,once a week will be better.