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Several Layouts and Advantages of Supermarket Fruit Raffles

We all in the daily life are visiting the small and small vegetable rack supermarket, the supermarket inside the fruit rack is certainly no stranger to the supermarket fruit rack inside the layout is certainly not familiar with the familiar, and some supermarket layout simple, Generous, beautiful, and some supermarkets are horrified. Xiaobian today to give a big talk about the supermarket fruit rack of several layout and advantages.

1, lattice layout

This is the traditional store layout. Supermarket stores are generally lattice layout, lattice layout is the goods display shelves and customer channels are growth square shape segment arrangement, and the main channel and vice channel width are consistent, all the shelves are parallel or right angle arrangement.

Supermarket fruit rack grid layout of the advantages of:

(1) to create a serious and efficient atmosphere;

(2) walkway based on customer needs and design, you can make full use of store space;

(3) due to the standardized placement of commodity shelves, customers can easily identify the types of goods and distribution characteristics, easy to buy;

(4) easy to use standardized shelves, can save costs;

(5) is conducive to sales staff and customers happy cooperation, simplify commodity management and security work.

2, the island-style layout

Supermarket fruit racks Island-style layout is arranged in the middle of the business premises are not connected to the island form, in the middle of the island set up shelves display products. This form is generally used for department stores or specialty stores, the main display of smaller goods, and sometimes as a grid-style layout of the supplement. Now the domestic department store in the continuous reform of business practices, the island-style layout has been transformed into a professional store layout, and is widely used.

Advantages of an island-style layout:

(1) can make full use of the business area, in the case of smooth consumers, the use of building characteristics of the layout of more commodity shelves;

(2) to take different shapes of the island design, you can decorate and beautify the business premises;

(3) the environment is full of changes, so that consumers increase the interest of shopping;

(4) to meet the full range of consumer demand for a brand of goods, brand suppliers have a strong appeal.

3, free flow layout

Free-flowing layout is based on the convenience of customers as the starting point, it is trying to maximize the goods in front of customers.

Supermarket fruit rack free flow layout of the advantages:

(1) the layout of the cargo is very flexible, customers can freely walk through the various shelves or counters;

(2) store atmosphere is more harmonious, can promote the customer's impulsive purchase;

(3) to facilitate the customer free to browse, will not produce a sense of urgency.

The above is the small series through the major visits to the major supermarkets, see the supermarket fruit racks put out a few points, I hope to help everyone.