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Shelf composition and layout

The main components of the supermarket shelves are as follows: consisting of columns, bottom plates, laminates, back plates, top covers, brackets, feet, guardrails, baffles, and price bars. Different styles have different components, and the back can be a center back panel, a back mesh, and an orifice plate. The washing frame also has a light box, a lamp, a billboard, and the like. The supermarket shelves are exquisitely designed, easy to install, sturdy and durable, and there are many layouts for supermarket shelves. Different supermarkets use different layout methods.


The supermarket shelf and the customer shopping channel are arranged in a rectangular manner, and the main channel is the same width as the secondary channel, and all the shelves are arranged in parallel or at right angles. The advantage is that the supermarket space can be fully utilized;


Because it is classified, customers can easily identify the product category and distribution characteristics to facilitate shopping;


The use of conventional specifications of the shelf can meet the requirements, no customization, cost savings;


Conducive to simplify product management and security work. A place where products are displayed in supermarkets, stores, rack manufacturers, shops, etc. Generally, the load is within 200KG per layer. When choosing a supermarket shelf, choose a shelf that is similar to the atmosphere of your store. It should not be too high or too short. The general height is between 1.8 meters and 2. 2 meters. The layer spacing of supermarket shelves can't be too high, too high. For lower products, it will waste a lot of shelf resources. Generally speaking, the entrance of the mall is placed with some daily necessities such as shampoo and paper towels. Exports should be placed in small pieces of goods and goods. More commonly used things like oil, salt, vinegar and tea should be placed in places that are easier to find.


When placed, they are placed separately according to categories, fresh, vegetable-like areas, clothing areas, home appliances areas, and so on. Valuable things should be displayed in a beautiful showcase, such as cosmetics, which can be placed on a beautiful display stand. The display cabinet is lit with light, and the glass is translucent, which can highlight the brand image of the product.