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Do you want to help or help yourself? Red and blue shopping basket can be separated


The shopping basket marked "self-service shopping basket", the clerk would not have been followed


The two colors of the shopping basket in a prominent position the door

City hot news news, shopping malls, just entered the shop, the salesman around the swarm; or to find the products needed, but half the day can not find the shop assistant introduction...... Yesterday, in a store on the 1 floor of Daping Yingli Dalong City, reporters saw a group of humanized shopping baskets, which might solve the above problems.

Red and blue are different

This daily necessities store, more than 100 square in the store. At the left hand side of the door, you can see two kinds of identification shopping baskets at a glance. The red one says, "I need help from the salesperson." the blue one says, "I want to do self shopping experience. In the basket frame, respectively with a red blue label. The red label reads: clerk help; blue label says: self help shopping.

The reporter picked up the blue label shopping basket, told reporters from the reporter's latest shopping guide, "what do you need to call me at any time?" When reporters went inside again, they didn't follow the shopping guide or salesperson.

Half of each

The reporter of the highest public survey center, investigating in the neighborhood of 100 people QQ group. Chiang Kai (26 years old), who lives in a big public mansion, told reporters that as a boy, he was afraid that the saleswoman was not tired of selling him to him, especially when he said he did not need it. Jiang said that if every shopping mall launched a self-service shopping basket, it would be a relief for him who felt very embarrassed after rejecting others.

Ms. Qin (29 years old), who lived in the Dongyuan District of Dashi dam, said she would immediately turn out to the store as long as she met the shop assistant who kept her distance less than one meter from her. For a basket that distinguishes shopping needs, Ms. Qin smiles and says, "will such a shopping basket be robbed?"

But reporters heard from the salesmen, the guests who use these two shopping baskets account for about half of the total.