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Some of the wrong display of fruit racks

Look at the fruit racks in your store without these wrong ways of displaying.

1, fruit and vegetable rack A fruit and vegetable basket can only display a commodity, the same box can not display two different goods.

2, the volume of different products listed in accordance with the following display large size, the above display small size of the order, not on the big small.

3, seasonal products on display in the front, similar shape placed together.

4, high-turn goods in the fruit rack, such as green peppers.

5, banana display can only be a layer of banana back to the customer, and banana handle up, blue in the fruit rack on the upper layer, yellow in the fruit frame under the layer.

6, promotional heap can only store one fruit or vegetables, can not be mixed.

7, fruit frame fruit neat layered code put, can not be left and right mess.

8, the promotion of the head must be a sense of the amount of promotional goods do not play the bulk of the promotion.

9, fruit and vegetable display at the display of goods.