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Storage cage&Storage container

Storage cage is revolving the logistics container unit commonly used products. Widely used in warehouse, workshop, logistics distribution center, etc.

Characteristics: the product to be reused, strong and durable, convenient transportation and storage enterprises can effectively reduce the manpower cost and packaging cost.

This product not only can be used in factory production workshop, and can be used for promotion and warehouse supermarket as show. Improved storage cage

Can be put in shelves, assembly line, also can stacking: wheeled stacking cage can be convenient and quick turnaround in the shop, the heap with PVC board or iron plate

Crib cage can prevent small missed.

Storage cage attributes:

1. Made of high quality cold rolled steel welded together, high strength, large load capacity.

2. The specification is unified, fixed capacity, storage of the goods at a glance, easy to inventory.

3. The surface of galvanized, beautiful oxidation resistance, long service life.

4. Adopt international standards, can be used with form a complete set of container, improve space utilization.

5. Can be stacked each other four levels, the realization of three-dimensional storage.

6. Surface treatment, environmental protection health immunization, flow, storage, recovery will not pollute the environment.

7. Cooperate with forklift, cattle, hoist, crane and other equipment for efficient operation.

8 folding structure, recovery of low cost, is the alternative products wooden packaging.

9. Can be installed at the bottom of the wheel, the factory internal turnover is extremely convenient.

10. The storage cage with 100% of metal combination design, is the ideal substitute of wooden box.