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Storage Rack placement skills

In storage racks, some people often pay attention to how many storage racks can be placed at most. The more warehouse racks are placed, the higher the utilization rate of warehouse is, but the feasibility and convenience of actual operation will often be ignored. A single row of racks on one side of the wall is a point of practical feasibility. If two rows are placed on one side of the wall, then the racks can not be put into the product, and it will be very difficult to get out, and it will cause too much waste without a single row of racks.


The placement of the products is closely connected to the beauty of the whole. In the storage rack, the requirement for the placement of the product lies in the particularity of the goods. It is mainly manifested in whether it can be stacked, suspended, vertical, horizontal and bulk. The design of storage racks should ensure that the goods have proper area and space when they are stored, so that the goods can be arranged horizontally to display their varieties.


The turnover rate of rack stock is sorted. The goods that are frequently accessed should be placed on the nearest warehouse rack at the exit entrance; of course, as the life cycle, season and other factors change, the turnover rate will change.


The marking of the goods should be oriented to the channel, not only to face the channel outside, but also to mark all the goods in the same direction, so that the staff can work smoothly and smoothly, without interrupting the work to confirm the marking, the convenience of work, and the efficiency of the work.

In fact, whether it is for e-commerce or other industry customers, the warehouse rack planning is a small input. So, we must consider the complete, so that some unnecessary problems in the use of the process.