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Storage shelves - the main purpose of automation equipment

The material of the shelf is generally related to its use. There are mainly the following types:

1. Steel: Currently, most of the storage racks and supermarket shelves use steel. The main advantages are lower costs, and there are mature processing and production processes and methods. Steel is divided into traditional welding type and current plug-in type. Welded shelves are generally simple in structure and are mainly welded by angle iron or square tubes. Because the welded shelf can't be dismantled after it is finished, the floor height can't be adjusted, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the future use. Now it is less used. Plug-in shelves, including storage racks and supermarket shelves, are separated from each other and installed in a modular manner. They are easy to use and are increasingly favored by users. Plug-in storage rack posts generally use C-shaped steel or U-shaped steel, beam using P-type pipe or heavy-duty welding beams, laminates using high-quality cold-rolled steel plate after folding and adding welding bottom reinforcement.

2. Aluminum profiles: The shelves of industrial aluminum profiles are also more common. This type of shelf is made up of standard molded industrial aluminum profiles and then laminated plates. Laminates can use wood or other materials.

3, wooden shelves: wooden shelves are generally used for shop display, such as shopping malls, supermarkets and other counters and other occasions, the use of limitations are greater.

4. Others: In addition to the above three common materials, there are shelves that use other materials that are not commonly used. Such as plastics, various alloy products.