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Supermarket fruit and vegetable rack safe use of common sense

With the supermarket fruit and vegetable racks more and more into the supermarket to use, how safe use has become an unavoidable problem. In the case of

Supermarkets, fruit and vegetable racks are currently used in the major shopping malls are more commonly used, are generally stored in heavy items, so when used to pay more attention to the following Ding Tai Long fresh equipment details of the supermarket under the use of vegetables and vegetables in the process of security common sense.

1, supermarkets, fruit and vegetable racks are placed above the goods, the operator as far as possible not directly into the bottom, so as not to hurt the staff.

2, supermarkets, fruit and vegetable rack should maintain a certain spacing, easy to inventory and pick up, the distance can be down the forklift.

3, anti-overload: the weight of each store should not exceed the weight of the supermarket fruit and vegetable design of the largest load.

4, anti-ultra-wide ultra-wide: supermarkets, fruit and vegetable shelf height, layer width has been limited, card board and cargo size should be slightly smaller than the net space 100mm.

5, anti-impact: forklift in the running process, should be as light as possible, to avoid damage to the supermarket wood products.

6, anti-above the weight of the following light: should be put high-level light cargo, the bottom of the principle of heavy cargo, so as to ensure the stability of the supermarket fruit and vegetable racks.