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Supermarket shelf knowledge

Generally large supermarket is a relatively large scale, supermarket products are relatively diversified, and not as consistent with all the convenience store shelves supermarket shelves to maintain coordination. According to the different commodity to choose reasonable shelves, so in the choice of rack is what needs attention?

1., first of all, according to the layout of the shelves of the store, depending on the wall, you must use a single wall shelf, if placed in the spare place is the use of double-sided shelves, if the shop is heterosexual shop, you can also use corner shelf

2., according to the product to be divided, the general fruit and vegetable products, we have a dedicated fruit and vegetable racks, as well as red wine shelf is also more special, other products will be used in general shelves like

3., according to the weight of the display goods to choose shelves, the daily necessities to choose steel bearing larger shelf, like the general small food, snacks and so on, using wooden shelves is also possible

Supermarket shelf purchase is simply a few points, but if you want to choose shelf life to fine to do is far from enough. If you want to open a supermarket, but do not want to be so trouble, then please choose our shelf