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Supermarket Shelves Maintenance Method

1. Check the use of supermarket shelves, the principle of use of supermarket shelves must be observed;

2. To prevent top-heavy : to achieve high-level light goods, the underlying principle of heavy cargo;

3.To prevent overload: The weight of each layer of the supermarket shelves must not exceed the maximum load of the supermarket shelves design. To prevent the placing of goods beyond the height and width: the height of the supermarket shelves and the width of the supermarket shelves have been restricted, and the size of the card board and the cargo should be slightly smaller than the space of 100mm;

4. The use of supermarket shelves should be prevented from impact: Forklifts should be handled as gently as possible during operation;

5. The use of supermarket shelves to put goods placed above the supermarket shelves, the operator as far as possible not to directly enter the bottom of the supermarket shelves;

6. Prevent non-standard card boards from being used on supermarket shelves;

7. Check the size and type of all stored goods;


8. Check whether the configuration of the appearance is consistent;

9. Check that the safety pins are complete and have no damage. Check the crossbeam, the lattice baffle, and the accessories for damage, correct the straightness of the column;

10. Check the weight of the pallet goods;

11. Check whether the floor bolts of the fixed column are loosened;

12. Check feet and other protective measures;

13. Check whether the ground is sinking or damaged;

14. The inspectors should record according to the actual situation and submit written inspection results to department heads. Professional supermarket shelves personnel should be dispatched to exclude hidden dangers.