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Supermarket trolley size

General supermarkets always prepare the necessary cart for the customer, because the supermarket a wide variety of items, such a superb collection of beautiful things, cart really need. Many adults also love shopping with children sitting in the supermarket shopping cart, the way to browse the rich goods. Supermarket supermarket trolley is expensive, its size and how, you certainly want to know the information about it.

MT-SEU01 European Shopping Trolley 60L.jpg

Supermarket trolley size 1

The supermarket trolley dimensions 74*45*88cm (length * width * height)(MT-SEU01-60L), it looks very small, very convenient. The cart also can be arbitrarily placed we love the shopping basket, free collocation, make it look more fashionable and beautiful, we are shopping in the supermarket when the mood will become more pleasant, so the supermarket trolleys when not in use the shopping basket can be removed, there is no memory too much.

MT-SAS05 Asian Supermarket Trolley 150L.jpgSupermarket trolley size 2

Its size specification is 99 * 58 * 103 cm ( length * width * height )(MT-SAS05-150L) . Such supermarket trolley plastic armrest is comfortable in position , it has a practical PVC bearing caster , the tire is very thick , and the rear door card effectively prevents outward turning .

MT-SKT06 Kids Shopping Trolley.jpg

Supermarket trolley size 3

This children's supermarket cart looks very cute, the specification is 48*32*64cm (long * wide * high)(MT-SKT06). Children can use it to the supermarket to buy their favorite things. The shape and color of the cart are very consistent with the psychological characteristics of children, very favored by children. Of course, such supermarket trolleys can also be used as children's toys, can develop his intelligence, enhance his hands-on ability. It is a good cart.

MT-SAM02 American shopping Cart 80L.jpgSupermarket trolley size 4

Let's take a look at this supermarket cart, which has a large shopping basket with a size of 87* 52*96cm (long and high)(MT-SAM02-80L) and a rust-proof high-grade TPU load-carrying wheel. Children can also sit inside, the chassis structure makes the cart very strong. This supermarket cart is dirty, and the handrail position is very comfortable, when we use this kind of cart shopping in the supermarket must be very convenient.

MT-SBT05 Hand Shopping Trolley.jpgSupermarket trolley size 5

The price of the last supermarket cart is 72*64*90cm (long * wide * high)(MT-SBT05). The cart has a very strong bearing capacity, the wheels are made of wear-resistant polyurethane, and a portable basket can be placed at the bottom of the cart. This increases our storage space. When we don't need a cart like this, we can plug it in opposite to other supermarket trolleys, saving a lot of living space, which is really convenient.