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The advantages of the supermarket fruit rack

Supermarket fruit rack can be divided into single and double-sided two forms, single-sided shelves are usually used against the wall manufacturers, double-sided shelves are usually used in the middle of the shop, there is a call, In the two ends of the end of the end plus Oh! In the supermarket which we see the supermarket fruit rack placed above the neat fruit, so that when we feel particularly comfortable shopping. Today we are talking about the advantages of the supermarket fruit rack.

1, supermarket fruit frame beautiful, solid structure, specifications and diverse; design style with the times style, supermarket fruit rack is a single double-sided shelves can be combined with each other, single-sided shelves can be combined with the corner, double-sided and semi-circular matching; Spacing can be adjusted, it is noble and generous;

2, the appearance of luxury, elegant colors, and modern store environment integration, creating a new concept of business;

3, the supermarket fruit rack heightened the arm of the root, an increase of the supporting capacity, so that the width of the board, the length increased to meet the large shopping malls large commodity capacity

4, the supermarket fruit frame surface using epoxy resin electrostatic spray treatment, a variety of colors, and has a strong anti-corrosion, anti-rust effect;

5, supermarket fruit rack easy to install, a variety of linked to any choice;

6, the column and the base of the piece of welding, increased the supermarket fruit rack insurance coefficient, to prevent the shelves in the heavy state under the gradient, eliminating the hidden dangers of shopping malls;

7, supermarket fruit racks with good versatility, with a variety of goods display special accessories, suitable for comprehensive supermarket demand

With the improvement of people's living standards, comfortable shopping environment is also the pursuit of people now, the supermarket as a product of our economic development, has been familiar with everyone. Supermarket fruit rack came into being also received the majority of businessmen love.