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The benefits of the shopping trolley coin lock

For the management method of the supermarket shopping trolley, so that the customer can return to the original position, what can be used is to use the supermarket shopping trolley coin lock. Supermarket shopping trolley coin locks are now mature in many supermarkets.

After many people came out of the supermarket, they put the supermarket trolleys in their hands and scattered them in every corner. Especially the trolleys in the parking lot make the car drivers in the parking lot with a headache, and sometimes they have to stop and push the trolley away.

The scattered trolleys are very annoying for the administrator, sometimes running hundreds of meters to recover a trolley. The order has improved significantly and the efficiency of transporting vehicles has increased.

At present, in addition to the staff during the peak period of the traffic flow, the staff will assist the customer to pick up the car and return the trolley. In the ordinary time, the customer will do it himself, saving labor costs and avoiding contradictions.