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The Classification of Vegetable and Fruit in Supermarket

Many people choose the supermarket when the fruit and vegetable rack will be concerned about what is the use of wood, but I do not know there are a lot of stress, because the use of improper use of shelf life is not very long.

So how to identify the material? Many people will say that wooden shelves are of course made of wood. But the wood is to distinguish! We are all aware of the wooden shelf materials are wood, wood board according to species classification, we generally divided into solid wood board and wood-based panels two categories, according to the molding method is divided into the following several wood: solid board, plywood (plywood, Fine core board), decorative panels, blockboard, particleboard, melamine board, MDF, fire board.

Full solid wood: Solid wood is made of complete wood (logs) made of wood. Solid wood board high cost, exquisite workmanship, and solid wood is the use of pure natural wood substrate, environmental protection, formaldehyde content is very low, is the highest domestic environmental protection level.

The use of wood-based panel: large format, good structure, expansion and contraction rate is low, easy to deformation cracking, bending forming better. However, the wood-based panels, after all, is synthetic, so the glue is easy to aging, long-term carrying capacity is poor, the most important is some through chemical synthesis, environmental pollution is more serious.

Therefore, when we purchase wooden shelves, according to the use of the selection of supermarkets, fruit and vegetable shelves of the material, put the food category recommended the use of solid wood made of goods rack, and placed some daily appliances, non-edible goods, you can use Artificial wood. Of course, whether it is the choice of solid wood panels or shelves of wood-based panels, should choose the letter brand high reputation manufacturers to buy, first talk about the quality of good or bad, at least in line with national standards!