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The combination of shelf features is reflected in many aspects

Combined shelves are now more and more used in warehouse detachable adjustment frames, which can be used for professional production and disassembly of vertical and horizontal adjustable shelf shelves. Warehouses will make you tall, large, and modular storage shelves, attic. The effective use of vertical warehouse space, combined shelf features are also reflected in many aspects.

In a moment, the storage space of cargo specifications, neat mechanical tools such as forklift operation, access is convenient and fast, efficiency, efficiency is also money, saving labor costs, time cost and space cost, warehouse operation will bring you a reasonable investment benefit And the long-term economic benefits are direct.



Combined shelf features:


The combination frame has the advantage of being free and freely adjustable compared to conventional welded frames. Each layer weighs 5 tons and is treated by electrostatic spraying, which is not easy to rust. Easy to disassemble, transport and assemble.


Not easy to deform, high safety factor. Maintenance costs are low. Beauty is conducive to the establishment of corporate image. Each size has been tested for 50 years, safe, reliable and accurate.


Modular shelves make your warehouse fade, making your warehouse no longer just a simple commodity storage space, it looks great.