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The difference between airport trolley and shopping trolley

Airport trolleys are different from shopping trolleys. The main difference is that the former has a braking device and the latter has special wheels.

The airport trolley has a brake device. There is a lever parallel to the push handle. Pressed the lever, the trolley will walk. Release the lever and brake. The airport is equipped with trolleys for the convenience of passengers in need. There are many practical applications for trolleys at the airport, such as the convenience of carrying luggage to and from the country, shopping at a convenient time, etc. Before the security inspection, the trolley should be placed in the designated place and then go through the security inspection.

Shopping trolleys have no brakes, but in supermarkets with automatic sidewalk elevators up and down the stairs, the trolley wheels are special. The outer edges of each wheel are concave, designed as concave and convex grooves, and the groove bottom has scallops, slot pitch and wheels. Indentation agreement. The wheels of the trolley can be stuck in the concave and convex grooves of the conveyor belt of the moving walkway, and play a positioning role to prevent accidental sliding.

Airport trolleys are the assets of the airport. Like shopping trolleys in supermarkets, they can only be borrowed temporarily according to regulations, and cannot be taken as their own. The entire process must be civilized.