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The purpose and significance of shelves

Lifting the shelves may be familiar to everybody, from the medicine cabinets in ancient Chinese medicine shops in our country to various shelves used in shops in modern malls, to steel bars in large-scale warehouses or to shelves made of more advanced profiles. They are all familiar to people, but there is probably not a lot of people who know how to go deeper into the shelf from a professional perspective.

The development of modern logistics is the prerequisite for the emergence and development of three-dimensional warehouses, and it is compatible with the development of industry and science and technology. Modern large-scale production has increasingly promoted the socialization, specialization, and concentration of industrial production. The high degree of mechanization and automation of production will inevitably require the timely, prompt, and accurate distribution of supplies. This has prompted the rapid development of stereoscopic warehouse technology and has become a symbol of high technology in factory design.

When modern management concepts such as cost saving and efficiency improvement become the top priorities for managers, how to effectively use the warehouse space and how to increase the storage capacity of the warehouse have also been put on an important position. The focus of storage management has two directions. One is how to increase the effective use of storage space, and the other is how to promote the flow of goods. The space for storing goods is called the storage space. Although this space is used for storage on the surface, in fact, this space is the relay station for the transportation, distribution and distribution of goods. Therefore, the storage area has become the central hub for the storage and transportation of goods. Therefore, effective use of storage space has become an important issue for managers and logistics center operators to improve.

For space planning, we must first classify and understand the direction of use of each space, then evaluate its weight in all aspects, and assess the comparison of the weights before designing the layout. If the storage space is limited and no planning and design changes can be made, it is necessary to find ways to maximize the utilization of the existing storage space. This puts higher demands on the shelves. The emergence of modern warehouses has driven the development of shelves.

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