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The Reason for the Rapid Development of Vegetable Rack in Supermarket

Supermarket vegetable rack why the development so fast? Why in the market, the demand so much? One reason is that the supermarket vegetable rack, external modeling and internal configuration are constantly updated import ice machine. Supermarket vegetable rack, features are as follows:

Supermarket vegetables, including all the door frame after welding, the overall one-time foam forming, to avoid the installation of the door frame is not strong, easy to fall off the supermarket door vegetables. The overall steel frame forming a significant advantage, why other manufacturers do not use it? Because the fixture requires complex, difficult to install, not always for the sake of the interests of consumers manufacturers, never use this structure and technology, so consumers need to pay special attention when buying.

1, large-scale curved glass, so that customers more clearly see the goods;

2, supermarket vegetable rack shape design simple and bright;

3, supermarket vegetable rack refrigeration system with high and low pressure protection, to ensure that the compressor, the normal operation;

4, wide, display area, can display more goods;

5, supermarkets, efficient use of vegetables within the efficient fan for heat exchange, cooling fast, uniform temperature;

6, the circuit design with a power delay function to ensure that supermarkets, cold storage machine, when the refrigerator is not damaged;

7, air-cooled supermarket vegetable rack high-quality, duct design, making the cabinet more uniform temperature, food dry end;

8, the key components of refrigeration systems and spare parts are used brand-name products; light set up reasonable, so that users running on the freezer at a glance.

9, supermarket vegetable rack temperature using computer control, high precision control, and with high-brightness digital display;

Supermarkets shelf the structure of the cabinet how strong, directly related to the length of the use of supermarkets vegetable shelf. High-quality supermarkets vegetable shelves and the liner between the overall angle of steel frame support, its role is equivalent to cement prefabricated plate placed in steel, strong increase in firmness.