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The Renewable Development of Supermarket Vegetable Shelf Refrigeration Technology

Supermarket vegetable rack structure is more solid, supermarket structure of the cabinet body structure is how strong, directly related to the length of the use of supermarkets vegetable shelves. Quality supermarket supermarket vegetable shelves and the liner between the overall angle of the steel frame support, its role is equivalent to cement prefabricated plate with steel bars, strong increase in firmness. Door frame, including all the welding forming, the overall one-time foam forming, to avoid the door frame is not strong, the door is easy to fall off the defects. The overall steel frame forming a significant advantage, why other manufacturers do not use it? Because the fixture requires complex, difficult to install, not always for the sake of the interests of consumers manufacturers, never use this structure and technology.

Supermarkets vegetable rack supermarket vegetable rack temperature is constant, the cooling speed, high-quality supermarket supermarket vegetable shelf operating temperature to benefit the food storage or preservation of the most appropriate temperature distinction, freezer for plant food, to ensure that the food contained in the juice is not low At the freezing point and keep it fresh. Freezer temperature of -18 degrees Celsius, with the temperature storage of food shelf life of up to 1 month. Quality supermarket vegetable rack not only according to the standard to ensure that the supermarket temperature of vegetables to meet the requirements, but also through the use of special-shaped evaporative tube and match the appropriate cooling capacity of the unit, so that high-quality supermarkets vegetable shelf cooling faster.

Supermarkets vegetable rack effective volume larger, supermarket vegetable rack technical parameters of the signs are in accordance with international standards, the national quality and technical supervision institutions over the years repeatedly sampling all qualified.

Supermarket vegetable rack insulation effect is better, supermarket vegetable rack production process insulation layer of the superiority of the insulation performance is not only the quality of the supermarket vegetable shelf quality indicators, but also the use of supermarkets, an important factor in the use of vegetables. In order to achieve good thermal insulation properties, the proper raw material must be selected to control the bulk density and cell diameter within the optimum range. So only the use of adjustable temperature, with a special fixture to master the mature foam process, in order to produce a good insulation effect of the supermarket vegetable rack.