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Trolley Function

The trolley is pushed and pulled by human power. Trolley is widely used in production and life because of its low cost, simple maintenance, easy operation, and light weight. It can work in places where motor vehicles are inconvenient to use, and it is very convenient to transport lighter items at short distances.

The same is true for supermarket trolleys, which often cause a lot of damage when provided for free. It is not the quality but the user's inattention. If it is a trolley with a coin lock, the user needs to cast a coin to pick up the car. When it is used up, it will return to it.

A trolley is a general term for a small handling vehicle that is driven by human power and then does not include power and does not include its own, which can transport goods horizontally on the road. It is characterized by being light and flexible, easy to operate, and has a small turning radius. It is a convenient and economical transportation tool for transporting smaller, lighter items over short distances.