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What is the main cause of the cold

Vegetable rack cooling system is a steam compression refrigeration system, its typical structure by the compressor, condenser, dry filter, capillary, evaporator and connecting pipes and other major components.

Now 80, 90 has become the main force of the refrigerator manufacturers. When we are all parents, we know how much life is not easy. Take the vegetable rack for you, you know how to cold food? Many users will say, put directly on the line. If you really think so, the following knowledge is necessary to know.

Clean food: food is best to clean, dry, and then placed in the storage of vegetables; food into the vegetable rack before the best first sealed up. One can prevent the evaporation of water, keep the fruit, fresh vegetables; twenty can prevent food from each other

Vegetables do not eat too much, too heavy: between the food to keep enough space, if too close, cold air circulation blocked, will affect the cooling effect; food do not store too much, too heavy, so that the shelves are crushed ; Put the food when the main left some of the wall; more water products are not too close to the cold room after the wall, so as not to freeze in the cold room on the back wall.

(1) capillary high pressure supercooled by capillary enthalpy after the throat, into a low temperature and low pressure refrigerant vapor, into the evaporator evaporation.

(2) evaporator after the capillary throttled low-temperature low-pressure refrigerant wet steam in the evaporator under the conditions of pressure in the boiling, absorbing the heat of the surrounding medium, into low-temperature low-pressure refrigerant dry saturated steam.

(3) Compressor The low temperature and low pressure refrigerant from the evaporator is saturated and compressed by the compressor to become high temperature and high pressure superheated steam.

(4) Condenser from the compressor out of the high temperature and high pressure superheated steam into the condenser, under constant pressure conditions, condensation, to the surrounding environment, heat dissipation, a high pressure supercooler.