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What warehouse racks are used for the storage of home textile products

Home textile enterprises are numerous, and some areas have formed their own home textile production bases. Warehouse rack is one of the most important warehousing equipment in the warehouse. Different types of racks are needed to store and transfer the products of different types of shelves, different products and different storage environments. What types of warehouse rack are basically used in warehouses of home textile products?


Generally speaking, home textile products can be divided into fabric products, semi finished products and home textile products. Although there are many types of warehouse racks, but for home textile products and similar products, there are more cross beam racks, attic racks and so on.


Cross beam racks are pallet racks, which are widely used. The crossbeam type rack is supported by pallets, and is supported by it. The goods are placed on the pallet, and then the goods are sent to the rack with a forklift. Home textile products are usually packed in Boxs or cartons, and can be stored directly on the racks of beams. The quality of bulk textile products is large, and heavy cross beam racks should be selected according to actual load bearing design.


The attic rack is a kind of all kinds of racks. They combine the advantages of the platform and the rack, and have a diversified storage mode. In home textile production enterprises, there may be many product lines. In order to adapt to such storage needs, we can design, manufacture and install such loft racks. For example, separate the fabric and the finished product, place the pallet flat, and store the finished products of the home textile. Of course, the storage quantity is different, the rack bearing capacity requirements are different, should be designed to choose the heavy attic shelves or medium-sized attic platform racks according to the needs.


For a very large home textile enterprise, high-rise three-dimensional racks, and even intelligent, automated three-dimensional warehouse is an inevitable trend. Such high-end racks combine the advantages of storage efficiency and accuracy, maximize the storage effect, and provide better operation for enterprises.201406181719047541258_副本.png