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Why are all most convenience store shelves made of steel wooden materials?

In recent years, convenience stores are becoming more and more popular. Brand convenience stores use steel wooden display shelves to highlight brand advantages. The steel wooden display shelves are popular in the market as soon as they are launched, because the wood grain shelves look more exquisite, feel a sense of quality, give people a kind of elegant feeling, can make the whole shop more upscale.

What are the characteristics of the shelves of steel  wooden structure:

1. The steel wooden display shelf, the frame of the steel structure, using pickling phosphating and high temperature spray technology, and according to the needs of different colors, compared to the iron shelf more exquisite.

2. The steel wooden display shelf has convenient transportation and simple installation. It can be used for a long time without deformation and no fading.

3.The steel wooden display shelf pays more attention to the beauty of the overall shop, and it can better reflect the advantages of the brand store.

4. The steel wooden display shelf has much stronger gravity than ordinary shelves, and more goods can be displayed.

5. The wooden backboards with different materials give customers different sensory effects and make shops more dynamic.

The general price of steel wooden display shelf is more expensive than ordinary shelves, so attention should be paid to maintenance.

1. When cleaning, you should dip the cloth into the water. Please wipe it. Dry cloth can not be used, it will damage the surface of the wood, leaving scratches affecting the appearance.

2. Do not place them in high temperature and do not expose to sunlight.

3. Keep the humidity inside the shop, not too dry or too wet.

4. Can not hit the shelf, try to avoid collision.