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Hanging Wall Fixed Box Wooden Shelves

Our Superiorities 1. Unique and Elegant Design 2. Practical Design 3. Eco-Friendly Materials 4. Strong Attention to Details 5. Easy Assemble and Disassemble 6. Well Packed and Safe Protection 7. Quick Delivery 8. Reasonable Price and Flexible Payment Term 9. Most important is that if you have your own design, we will keep it confidential, no idea copy, no spread

Products Specifications:

hanging wall fixed box wooden shelves large capacity, high cost utility. Reasonable use of space, large capacity, can receive a lot of clothes, shoes, and so on, convenient for daily arrangement and induction.

Reasonable division of space, hanging wall fixed box wooden shelves using the top plate, a clothes hanging rod, with door storage design division, space division simple, rational use of space resources.

We use hanging wall fixed box wooden shelves support to combine with high quality hardware and accessories to ensure the quality of the coat rack and be durable


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