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Steel and Wooden Clothes Shop Fittings

In recent years, with the progress and development of the society, people's requirements for wearing are also gradually developed from the comfortable and appropriate to the brand and quality. The clothing store's clothes shop fittings is to make the customer receive information most effectively in limited time and space, so as to attract customers' eyeballs.

Products Specifications:

Steel and wooden clothes shop fittings

1.This is a Steel and wooden clothes shop fittings for clothes.

2.Clothes shop fittings have a metal panel and metal bracket on top .

3.Clothes shop fittings have a metal hanging bracket with hooks for displaying clothes.

4.In addition, clothes shop fittings have a drawer at the bottom for storage use.

5.Suitable for branded store, department store,etc.

brand of clothes shop fittings


size of clothes shop fittings


photography of clothes shop fittings

clothes shop fittings detail display

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