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Storage Stackable Metal Foldable Wire Cage

The application of foldable metal wire cage produced by our company In warehouse parts handling and turnover, and finished product packaging, the features are collapsible, saving space, independent storage, stacking convenience, simple transportation, strong and durable, safe and reliable. metal wire cage also known as folding storage cage, warehouse cage, folding warehouse cage, butterfly cage and storage cage, is a necessary storage and turnover container in modern warehousing and logistics links.

Products Specifications:

Description of Storage Stackable Metal Foldable Wire Cage

The folded metal wire cage is one of the most common turnover tools in the warehouse, which belongs to the storage cage series. metal wire cage folding function can save the warehouse space when it does not work, and metal wire cage can be stacked at the time of operation, and the most effective use of warehouse space.

Product specification


Metal wire cage product features

1. The high quality steel Q235 is welded by cold rolling and hardened, with high strength and large loading capacity.

2. The specifications are unified, the capacity is fixed, the storage of the goods is clear at a glance, and the inventory is easy to be clear.

3. Surface galvanized, beautiful and antioxidant, service life for up to 10 years.

4. Using international standards, can be used with containers, effectively improve the utilization of space.

5. Can stack four layers with each other to achieve stereoscopic storage.

6. Environmental protection treatment, health immunity, turnover, storage recycling do not pollute the environment.

7. With the forklift, cattle, lifts, cranes and other equipment for efficient operation.

8. Folding structure, low cost of recovery, is a substitute for wood packing box.

9. Wheels can be installed at the bottom, and the inside of the factory is very convenient.

10. Opening and folding only need 5 seconds, when no use folding can be stacked, save space.

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